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Note for Toward Immersive Experience

Overview Link: Toward Immersive Experience: Evaluation for Interactive Network Services Level: IEEE Network 2022 Keywords: QoE Metrics Background Compared with traditional QoE for regular video/audio services, the existing work on IE is still in its infancy. This work aims at providing systematic and comprehensive research on IE for interactive network services, mainly studying the following three fundamental and challenging issues. What is the essential difference between IE and traditional QoE? Which categories of factors mainly influence IE?

WebGL 样例的解释

Context Create an HTML5 canvas Get the canvas id Obtain WebGL Context The parameter WebGLContextAttributes is not mandatory. Attributes Description Default value alpha true: provide an alpha buffer to the canvas; true depth true: drawing buffer contains a depth buffer of at least 16 bits; true stencil true: drawing buffer contains a stencil buffer of at least 8 bits; false antialias true: drawing buffer performs anti-aliasing true premultipliedAlpha true: drawing

WebGL 中的管线

Overview JavaScript JavaScript is used to write the control code of the program, which includes the following actions: Initialization: initialize WebGL context. Arrays: create arrays to hold the data of the geometry. Buffer objects: create buffer objects by passing the arrays as parameters. Shaders: create, compile and link the shaders. Attributes: create attributes, enable them and associate them with buffer objects. Uniforms: associate the uniforms. Transformation matrix: create transformation matrix.